We definitely know that all girls dream of having beautiful hair. This is why we made a decision to learn about how to have thick and healthy hair. We searched a lot of special websites, blogs, and forums for hairstylists and found truly useful recommendations that they don’t usually talk about. So what are they hiding from us?

Here are some important rules from Bright Side you should follow to make other people admire your hair and even be jealous of it.

1. Show your hairstylist the images you like and don’t like

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Before visiting a beauty salon, stylists recommend finding not just 3 photos of the haircuts you like but also the photos of the images you would never like to have. This will give your hairstylist an understanding of what they should not do to your hair in any case. The same works for choosing the hair color. And pay attention to the celebrities who have a similar type of face as you — this is the easiest way to find your look and your hairstyle.

2. Don’t schedule a haircut for the weekend.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Try to make sure that your visit to the salon is not on Saturday. It is usually the busiest day for all hairstylists, and they just can’t spend a lot of time on you. Why not just have a haircut on a Thursday evening?

3. Wash your hair correctly.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

It is recommended to wash your hair twice. During the first wash, you remove the dirt and the grease, and the second wash allows all the useful properties of the shampoo to actually work. If you put an expensive shampoo on your hair just once, you should know that the effect is pretty much the same as if you washed your hair just once. During the second wash, the amount of shampoo should be reduced.

4. Use an oil or a balm before washing hair.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

If the ends of your hair are dry, put some a balm or coconut oil on them right before washing hair. After that, you can start washing your hair: put the shampoo on the base of the hair and spread the foam all around the hair. After that, wash it off with warm water. The point is, the balm or the oil will prevent the shampoo from having an aggressive effect on the ends.

5. Don’t overheat your hair.

When drying your hair with a hairdryer, you should start with the bangs and only then do the rest of the hair. And at the back of your hair, you should pull the hair so that you feel the pressure. Finish drying hair with cold air: it allows the hair to be straighter and smoother.

6. Accept the fact that all hair lightening products contain the same thing.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Hairstylists know that clients don’t like the word “lightning” used in a beauty salon. This is why they don’t use these words. But despite the synonym they use for it, the product your hairstylist uses to make your hair less dark definitely contains hydrogen peroxide. The only exception is the procedure that involves using acids for lightning.

7. Be patient when you want to achieve the ideal hair color.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

We are often promised our dream hair color after just 1 or 2 procedures, but you should know that color in hairstyling is science. The perfect tone can only be achieved after 3 or 4 procedures. The law of life: a brunette will never have hair as light as a blonde. So, you should be patient and try to reach your desired result gradually. Give your hairstylist time.

8. Try layered haircuts.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Some women try to keep their hair long and so they cut it all one length. Some people think it makes them look younger. However, many hairstylists recommend adding face-framing layers and side-swept fringe. This makes the hair look more dimensional.

9. Use all the properties of dry shampoo.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Here is something mind-blowing: dry shampoo can be used for styling hair. You can spread it around the hair to get the unusual waves that will frame the face. And if you have dyed hair, once a week, you can use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair. This way, the color will stay bright and the hair will be clean for a longer time.

10. Massage with salt.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

A scalp salt massage is an effective procedure for people who want to have longer and stronger hair. This is a perfect substitution for spa-procedures in salons that are done with professional cosmetics and usually cost a lot of money. Make your hair a little wet with warm water, wipe it with a dry towel, and cover the scalp with sea salt. Gently massage the skin for 10 minutes and wash your hair as you usually do. If you have normal hair, you can do this massage once a week. If you have dry hair, do this no more than once every 2 weeks.

11. Don’t trust overhyped hair procedures.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Keratin restoration is an expensive procedure that beauty salons offer. They tell clients that keratin and amino acids get inside the hair during the procedure and fully restore them. In fact, keratin just adheres to the surface of your hair and the effect only lasts for several months. And keratin is not completely safe. Almost all products contain formaldehyde which is harmful to the skin: it causes irritation, itch, and rash. And the products that are formaldehyde-free contain methanediol, formalin, methanol, and other ingredients that still turn into formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water.

12. Find out which services are worth the money and which aren’t.

12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share

Many people are convinced that having your hair cut with hot scissors is far better than using regular scissors: hot ones are supposed to “lock” the hair tips and not let them split. But most of the time, hot scissors don’t help with this problem because the hair might be messed up not only on the ends but in the middle. So, the hair will only look good for a short period of time after you have it cut. The same result can be achieved with regular scissors.

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