Hair care for natural looking hair

For women and men, of course, shiny hair contributes significantly to the external appearance. Unfortunately, not all are naturally blessed with full and shiny hair. The solution: hair care products. When choosing a preparation we are spoiled for choice. From shampoo for oily scalp to conditioner for brittle tips to natural home remedies, there is nothing on the market that does not exist. Quite apart from the price range in which the hair care products are. The question arises as to which care supports the desire for naturally healthy hair and which is counterproductive. We have summarized our hair care tips for healthy hair for you.

beauty comes from within

The basis for naturally healthy hair is a nutrient-rich supply. This includes, among other things, a healthy silicon household. The trace element is essential for the mineral supply of the hair. It nourishes your hair and contributes to a dense and shiny mane. Also, a sufficient vitamin D supply is important for full and shiny hair. Fortunately, our body makes the vitamin with the help of sunlight itself. During the gray autumn and winter days, you can take vitamin D supplements to counteract thin and brittle tips. Last but not least, you should pay attention to an adequate supply of protein. Proteins are the building blocks for your hair. Lack, it turns out and gets thin.

Wash your hair properly: As little as possible – as often as necessary

How often you want to wash your hair depends ultimately on your personal well-being. The myth that daily hair washing will lessen that faster is not entirely true. The reason for greasy hair lies in the hair structure: Fine, light hair greases faster and often already stretches a few hours after washing. Remedy provide volume conditioner.

When it comes to hair washing, however, it is not just the frequency that counts, but also the matching hair care products. Basically, you should resort to the selection of silicone-free, natural preparations. Chemical compounds damage the scalp and, in the worst case, lead to hair loss. Conditioner gives your hair after shampooing suppleness and should not be missing with any hair washing. To avoid a greasy finish, use the conditioner only in lengths, not at the base. The best way to work the conditioner with a brush.

Very important: After the hair wash do not rub the hair dry with the towel! This will rough your hair surface and create split ends, leaving your hair dull.

Stay away from heat – with two exceptions

If you have dry hair, it is advisable to lay the hair dryer and let your hair air dry. Hot hot air and heat from hair straighteners or curling irons remove moisture from the hair. It looks brittle and lackluster. However, this does not apply if you wash your hair in the cold air or go to sleep after washing your hair. In these two cases, you better access the hair dryer and protect your hair with heat protection. The nocturnal burrowing on the pillow splits the hair and cold hair breaks off the hair faster.

Home remedy beauty wonder for shiny hair

If you do not want to dig deep into your wallet for expensive hair care products, you can also make use of the storage cupboard in your kitchen. Our TOP 3 of the best home remedies for dry, brittle hair:

  1. Coconut oil: Whether before washing as a hair mask or afterwards, to prevent hair breakage and split ends. Coconut oil is a true beauty wonder. Due to its richness it is very productive. Use only small amounts in the hair tips, otherwise your hair will quickly become greasy.
  2. Green tea: It compensates for structural damage and ensures shine in your hair. Immediately after the hair wash into the freshly washed hair, without rinsing it out.
  3. Healing earth: It is not only suitable for oily skin on the face, but also for greasy hair. It absorbs the excess fat of the scalp and dries it.

Insider tips: hair care for natural hair

  • Beware of hairbrushes! Frayed bristles add split ends to your hair. Use only hair combs with natural bristles.
  • Attention sun! Too much sun dries out the hair. Cover them with a sun hat to protect them.
  • Give yourself a break! Excessive stress can lead to hair loss. Therefore, from time to time insert a wellness day.
  • Farewell hairs! During your two-month visit, ask your hairdresser to remove your split ends in full length. By removing your hair look optically healthier.

We hope you enjoy trying our tips. Now it certainly works with natural, healthy hair.

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