Hair restorer on the test bench

When hairiness subsides, self-esteem quickly gets a crack. If the glittering abundance of youth and health is witnessed, the dwindling abundance is often equated with age and illness. No wonder that especially younger people resort to every conceivable opportunity to keep their full hair as long as possible.

Basically, a distinction is made in these possibilities between a purely optical hair thickening and a real increased growth.

If the hair should sprout again

The reasons for hair loss are manifold: stress, age, predisposition, influence of medicines … Therefore, a thorough investigation of the causes is essential for the choice of a suitable agent for combating hair loss. For some causes, there is a chance of re-hair growth after elimination of the triggers for hair loss (stress, medication), for other causes, the hair loss may be delayed, but not completely prevented (plant-related alopecia).

The most common form is the plant-related hair loss. About 95 percent of all hair loss cases in men and women are due to the increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the male hormone DHT (dehydrotestosterone). The result is a reduction of the follicles and a resulting poorer supply of the hair root and a weaker hold of the hair in the scalp. To stop the plant-induced hair loss, therefore, the effect of DHT on the hair follicles to reduce.

The active ingredients minoxidil and finasteride are sometimes good results, but both agents are not free of side effects.

Grab the problem at the root

Minoxidil causes an expansion of the blood vessels. The remedy is originally known from the high blood pressure therapy area. Externally and locally applied to the scalp, Minoxidil causes an increased supply of nutrients to the hair root due to the better circulation of the treated area. In addition, Minoxidil is intended to stimulate DNA synthesis, which in turn has a positive effect on the cell division rate and thus on the hair structure – the hair grows stronger after.

Finasteride is currently considered the most successful way to stop plant-induced hair loss. It may only be taken by men. The active ingredient (5alpha reductase inhibitor) is similar to testosterone and prevents the conversion of the body’s own testosterone into DHT. With still active hair follicles thereby the growth phase is lengthened and the hair loss stopped. Already dead follicles are not reactivated. After discontinuation of the finasteride tablets, the hair loss sets in again.

Possibilities and limits of common hair restorer

As a rule, common over-the-counter hair restoration agents in Germany are based on one of the active ingredients listed above. Regaine® is based, for example, on minoxidil, which is contained in the products in 5% concentration. In addition to verifiable successes to stop the plant-related hair loss in men and women, however, is also repeatedly reported side effects of hair restorer. Redness of the scalp, itching or dandruff are among the most common side effects of the waters and tinctures. The cause is not primarily the actual active ingredient but supplementary ingredients such as e.g. Alcohol. Ell-Cranell® uses the active substance alfatradiol for the classic product line, which, like finasteride, is a 5alpha reductase inhibitor intended to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Although, in contrast to finasteride, Ell-Cranell® may also be used in women, side effects are also possible here.

Particular care should be taken when using finasteride. If only 1 mg is prescribed for hair loss (unlike the 5 mg tablet for prostate enlargement), problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, gynecomastia and depression may still occur. These symptoms do not always disappear after discontinuation of the remedy, so that in advance a particularly good education and risk analysis is necessary.

Regardless of the main active ingredient, all hair restorer products have a fairly long waiting period of up to six months in common until the first signs of improvement become visible. Temporarily it may even lead to an increase in hair loss when old hair is repelled and the new sprout not yet. This transitional phase in particular can be an extreme psychological burden.

Hair fullness in a few minutes

Quite different from hair restoratives, shampoos and tinctures, it looks at the purely optical Haarverdichtungen. Extensions can conjure up unusually fullness after a hairdresser’s visit. Especially with a cover by the upper main hair so very natural results are achieved with little effort.

With generally thinning hair, beginning receding hairline or small bald spots, stray hair works wonders. It is easy and convenient to apply at home and the effect is immediately visible. Microscopic fibers made of viscose combine with their own hair thanks to their static charge and are fixed with a special hair spray. By matching the Super Million Hair fibers to their own hair color, the additional abundance acts naturally and is indistinguishable from human hair. It is enough to renew the application every few days or after shampooing. There are no allergic reactions on the scalp, and Super Million Hair contains no silicones or parabens.

Anyone who wants to tackle the effects of hair loss free of side effects and is interested in a quick fix is ​​well advised with optical hair compacting!

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