Obsessions, I tell you. Almost every day we girls get the fun of trying new shampoos, Indian or imported brands. Any reason? Because we want to pamper our curls with the luxury of foam and scent.

How To Wash Hair Frequently: Decryption Of Hair Care Formula Wash Hair Care Hair Formula Decryption

But do you know, our fetish for shampoo can rid the scalp of sebum? Shampooing often causes more damage than good. That’s why it’s important to know how often hair is washed.

Yes, how often. Now there are many questions on the subject of repeated shampooing. How, for example, does the hair wash every day to make it grow faster? Is it true? Any proof?

Point is, before you come home after a long day in the shower or a hotel to relax, it’s worth knowing how many times you really should wash your hair.

Well, you’ll be glad to know the answer from a dermatologist – according to Seattle-based dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes, you should wash your hair as soon as it’s oily and feels unclean.

I think this is convincing and convincing according to science.

However, it is also important to know what causes you to wash your hair often.

Factors that increase the frequency of shampooing:

There are several factors that increase the number of hair washes:

1. Oily scalp:

This is the biggest culprit because it causes us to get “dirty” hair (as we think). An overly greasy scalp can often make hair look flabby and greasy. Why only oil is responsible, external factors such as age, gender, genetics and environment determine how much oil our scalp produces.

Teenagers and adults in their 20s or 30s produce more sebum compared to children and seniors. As you get older, the scalp tends to get drier, no matter how hard you’ve fought with a greasy scalp in your teens.

Dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes “There are people with very fragile hair who are easily damaged while washing. These people may want to wash their hair every other week. ”

When it comes to the theory of how often the hair is washed, it is the oil factor in our scalp that fights all rationality.

2. hair type:

Curly or wavy hair does not need to be washed as often as a head full of straight and thin hair. Although we all want to get straight hair with the hair styling tools, they look greasy much faster, as they are easily covered by sebum. Curly, thick or wavy hair tends to look dry because the strands of hair are not so easily coated with tallow oil.

How To Wash Hair Frequently: Decryption Of Hair Care Formula Wash Hair Care Hair Formula Decryption

Source: hairstyles.co

Any kind of hair that needs to be washed at least? Yes, it is African-American hair. Washing hair with sharp shampoos can cause hair loss, especially if accompanied by chemical treatments or tight-weave hairstyles.

So those of you with tight locks or textured hair should wash your hair only once a week or every other week. This formula is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.

3. sweat excretion:

A sweaty workout can always mess up your hairstyle. The problem with sweat is that it can spread sebum, making your hair look and feel dirty. And it can cause your hair to smell yucky. Elizabeth Hughes recommends shampooing after sweaty workouts.

4. Exposure to dust:

Dealing with household chores like cleaning, gardening and other messy tasks requires frequent head washing. The purpose is to wash away the dirt and pollutants that are deposited on the scalp causing hair dryness.

5. Use of styling products:

As many of us know, excessive use of styling products can cause scalp irritation and damage your hair follicles, as you will need to wash your hair more often.

Sign that you wash your hair more than you should:

The purpose of the shampoo is to wash off the excess oil and cleanse the scalp. However, it can damage your hair if used too long or removed over the entire length of the hair.

To avoid this problem, shampoo the roots of your hair. When you do this, the ends of the hair are automatically cleaned.

Says Hughes and very valid point “I see more problems with people who overwhelm their hair than you would think … if people did not rely so much on these cleansers, the quality of the skin would probably be better, especially as people get older become. People in their forties and fifties who are still washing their hair and scrubbing as if they were teenagers are really damaging their skin. It takes a long time to fix it. ”

I understood her point of view. I hope you understood it too.

BTW, dandruff is a sign of excessive hair washing.

Apart from dandruff, problems like dry hair, itching, flakes are symptoms of a dry scalp. Does that mean we should avoid washing our hair forever?

Shampoo only less often. This changes the texture and the look of the hair.

Top alternatives to shampoo:

You have to wonder, there are better ways traditional hair washing technique. Yes, these are the following:

Dry Shampoo:

Here, the powder or hair spray does not brush the hair. It absorbs the excess oil on your scalp, preventing your hair from appearing flabby and greasy. For those ladies who want to extend the time between washes, this is definitely your product.

How To Wash Hair Frequently: Decryption Of Hair Care Formula Wash Hair Care Hair Formula Decryption

Source: superdrug.com

Co-Wash Products:

Any new innovation that?

No, co-washing means washing or cleaning with conditioner. In fact, brands like L’Oreal and Pantene offer products that wash and care for hair without the use of traditional laundry detergents.

If you use a conditioner, choose the best way to treat dry, curly or wavy hair. Just wash your scalp like with a shampoo. When you’re done scrubbing, comb your hair length with the product and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing your hair.

How To Wash Hair Frequently: Decryption Of Hair Care Formula Wash Hair Care Hair Formula Decryption

Source: hercampus.com

Use only water:

There are many divas who only use water for washing hair and lustful curls and a beautiful mane. However, there is no such research on the benefits or side effects of just using water for shampooing. The only thing is this technique does not leave out any moisturizing treatment that gets your mane from a hair conditioner or moisturizing shampoos.

How To Wash Hair Frequently: Decryption Of Hair Care Formula Wash Hair Care Hair Formula Decryption

Source: moringasource.com


I hope you now know that a shampoo should only cleanse your scalp. So avoid washing your hair with it.

As for conditioners, those of you with dry hair should use it every time after washing your hair.

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