Simply conceal thin hair

For women and men, beautiful, well-groomed hair contributes significantly to the outer appearance. For many, they are more than just a hairstyle and shape our self-confidence. The more difficult is the acceptance, if the hair gets thinner over time or in the worst case fails. Hair loss is a sensitive issue for women, especially among women. While in men, the receding hairline grows or they get a bald head, thinning in women often the apex, the hair is light and the scalp shines through. We will show you helpful tips and tricks to hide thin and fine hair ideally and to conjure up more fullness and volume in just a few simple steps.

Thinning hair – what are the causes?

They are distributed in each room, are increasingly found in the brush or clog the drain in the bathroom – hair. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have hair loss. We lose an average of 100 hairs per day, but this value can vary widely and varies from person to person. Our hair goes through a biological cycle with a rest, growth and transition phase. Thus, the supposed loss of our hair is not always synonymous with hair loss, but rather a natural process in which the hair grow back again and again. We also lose more hair in autumn and spring – a relic of our ancestors, which resembles the change of coat.

But in some, the appearance is not deceptive and they actually suffer from thinning hair. There are a variety of causes such as stress, nutrient deficiency, drugs, diseases or hormones. For example, estrogen has a positive effect on the hair. This is especially noticeable in pregnant women, who have full hair due to the increased estrogen level. After birth, the mirror sinks, however, and there are more hair out. This problem is also known to menopausal women.

The genes also have a decisive influence on whether we suffer from increased hair loss and how many hairs we have on the head. Not every person naturally has thick, shiny hair. The fact that the hair fails by washing too much, smoothing, blow-drying or dyeing is, however, a myth. As a result, we no longer lose hair, but our hair structure changes. That means: we have brittle, brittle or dry hair.

How can thin hair be concealed quickly and easily?

The easiest and best way to conceal bald spots is to use a suitable haircut. For women with thin hair, a short hairstyle like a bob or a longbob is ideal. They automatically give you more fullness and volume. However, if you do not want to part with your long hair, it’s best to avoid treads, fringes, or a bangs, as these hairstyles require full hair and fullness of hair. Even with the right color you can create more volume. Highlights and shades provide the perfect deception and make your hair look alive.

The right styling is essential for thin and fine hair. The right helpers are volume sprays and hair powder. They push your hairline and make your hair appear automatically more handy. Spray the spray over your head.

Tip: Avoid straighteners and resort to curlers instead. They give your hair the right swing. Alternatively, a round brush conjures up volume in the hair.

What are the best care tips for thin hair?

Thin and fine hair fats faster because it is closer to the scalp. Therefore, arrange your hair care afterwards. The motto is: less is more. Because too much washing and too much shampoo will complicate your thin hair additionally. In particular, massage the conditioner only in the hair lengths and never on the scalp. Often use dry shampoos to avoid daily hair washing. Also, avoid silicones with chemical care products as they will complicate your hair and damage your scalp. Instead, use volume shampoos with natural ingredients such as wheat, oats, millet or keratin. Do something good for your fine hair and comb it with a natural bristle brush. Since dry hair is more durable than wet, it is best combed before showering.

Tip: Rinse shampoo and conditioner thoroughly with lukewarm water. Because product residues complain the hair, make it flat and fizzle any volume.

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