Hair loss is something we have all suffered at some point in our lives. Whether due to health problems, styling, heat treatment, chemical treatments, depression or any of the countless reasons to drop your hair is a problem we can not avoid. Want to learn more about tips to tackle the problem of thinning hair? Continue reading!

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks

10 tricks for hair thinning

In case of extreme hair loss, you can always consult a trichologist, but there are many simple tricks you can use to try to solve the problem of hair thinning. These 10 tips will benefit all hair types and meet every lifestyle.

1. Add protein to your diet:

Increasing the intake of dietary protein can reduce hair loss. You also need to add an adequate portion of the animal protein, which can come from egg, meat or fish, to your daily diet. This will account for about half of your protein quota for the day. Try to add up the amount of protein you would need to consume daily for a week to understand how much protein your body needs – you’ll be shocked to know how little you really consume. Your low protein intake can put a strain on your curls.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks

2. Avoid styling your hair:

Keep your hair tied to a tight ponytail all day or wear hair extensions that need to be attached with needles. Excessive blow drying will stress the hair follicles and lead to traction alopecia. When faced with thinning hair, choose a hairstyle that is more relaxed than a tight updo. Avoid wearing hair extensions too often and give these strands the much-needed break if you need too much styling.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks


3. Diagnosis of underlying health problems:

Your body always has a message to give, all you have to do is to hear it. Hair loss is often caused by thyroid-related health problems. Hypothyroidism, which is most commonly found in postmenopausal women, is a big reason why women fall hair. Left untreated, this condition can make your hair thin and dry. Other symptoms such as sudden weight gain or loss, dry skin and fatigue also accompany the thinning of the hair. If you suffer from such symptoms, you must immediately consult your family doctor.

4. Take vitamin supplements:

A lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 or vitamin D often slows hair growth. Such defects also cause hair loss. You can treat B12 deficiency by increasing your intake of fish, meat and dairy products, or by taking a pill for the B complex. Please consult your doctor before eating any supplements.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks

5. Try laser phototherapy:

Laser phototherapy offers you a pill-free and lotion-free method to improve hair growth and structure, with absolutely no side effects such as – damage to the hair strand or scalp. The Theradome LH80 laser helmet amplifies your scalp with photons to strengthen the hair follicles. It is very easy to use. All you do is apply it to the head every other day for 20 minutes. Laser phototherapy improves the circulation of the scalp and thus promotes the nutrition of your hair follicles. This helps to increase the growth and strength of your hair.

6. See a trichologist:

Most of the time we live in denial; although it is obvious, we convince ourselves that everything is alright. Do not ignore next time you see signs of thinning hair that makes you scream. It’s time to consult a trichologist if you can spot a receding hairline or bald spots on your head. They will help you identify the cause of hair loss and put you on the track of restoring your health.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks


7. Do not skip the conditioner:

Many of us, after shampooing, do without a conditioner because we still consider it a luxury, an extra step. But in our age of pollution and dust, to follow a hair wash with a conditioner is a must. Skipping the conditioner would cause your hair to become dehydrated, and this will cause your hair to become brittle and damaged. Choose a light conditioner that has the richness of panthenol and glycerin. This gives your hair strands the necessary moisture and protects them from the attack of pollution.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks

8. Maintain a healthy scalp:

A healthy scalp is a bed for healthy hair growth. So none of the thinning hair remedies can work without treating your unhealthy scalp. Hair care brands have now begun to offer products that nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth. Mediceuticals is a professional hair care company that has developed an excellent range of products specifically for the scalp. They moisturize and soothe the scalp and keep it hydrated.

Thinning Hair: 10 tricks to stop it! stop thinning tricks

9. Increase your iron intake:

Life becomes stressful when you are in your 20s and 30s and this can lead to lower serum ferritin. This is the protein that stores iron in our body. Low iron is a common cause that leads to hair loss. One of the most valuable hair tips would be to try to add iron rich foods in your diet. You can also include an iron supplement in your health program. Please consult your doctor before eating any supplements.

10. Healthy life:

People who love eating, drinking, smoking, over-celebrating, and not taking time to exercise rarely have good hair. Our hair is, as we all know, a reflection of our health, which is directly influenced by our diet and general wellbeing. Therefore, the last but most important of the 10 tricks to stop thinning hair is to have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will naturally make our hair stronger and treat the hair thinning over a longer period of time. Say goodbye to stress to show off the beautiful curl!

It is impossible to avoid hair loss. But with a little discipline and determination, these 10 tricks to stop thinning hair will certainly help bring shine and health back to your crowning glory. If you have more hair care tips to stop hair thinning, please share it with other beauty enthusiasts here. We would like to hear from you!

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