Tips for beautiful hair in autumn & winter

The leaves are dying, it is getting cooler and the cold season is coming up. Wet, cold and dry heating air make our hair tense and challenge you once more in your daily hair care. With our tips, your hair will survive the fall and winter without strain. We will show you how to optimally protect and care for your hair during the cold months.

Hair care helper for the cold season

Our hair experiences a rollercoaster ride in autumn and winter. Outside, it awaits snow, rain and wind, inside warm heating air. The result: The hair is dull, dry, brittle and brittle. Not only does cold air have a low moisture content, it even removes moisture from your hair, so hair oils provide optimal protection for dry and split-prone hair tips. The highlight: They provide instant moisture and shine.

Tip: It is best to sprinkle a few drops on your fingertips and massage the oil into the hair lengths. You can apply the hair oil on both dry and wet tips. If you want to save your wallet, use the all-rounder from the kitchen – the coconut oil. Due to its fatty acids such as lauric acid and palmitic acid, it is very economical and cares for your hair effectively.

The change from damp cold to dry heating air also attacks our scalp. It is dry, itches and dandruff can develop. When washing your hair is now a rich care with silicone-free and natural products in demand. For chemical ingredients, you should always make a bow in your daily care. They damage your scalp and hair, dry it out and in the worst case lead to hair loss. The ideal companion in the cold months are moisturizing shampoos with natural care ingredients. For shine and suppleness, a conditioner must not be missing from any of your hair washes. The following applies: Apply the shampoo to the scalp, the conditioner in the hair lengths. To prevent greasy roots and provide your tips with sufficient moisture.

Tip: For optimal all-round care in autumn and winter, you can replace the conditioner twice a week with a rich Nursing Care. This can also work overnight.

Caution with hairdryer heat – How to protect your hair

Her hair is already exposed to severe strain in autumn and winter. Foehn heat additionally damages the hair. It dries up, becomes dull, brittle and lackluster. In particular, the fine hair tips are prone to splitting. Already a hair dryer temperature of 70 degrees can lead to hair damage. Therefore, avoid high temperatures and do something good for your hair by blowing it off cold.

If you do not want to miss out on high temperatures, it’s best to protect your hair with selected heat protection sprays. They seal the hair lengths and prevent hair damage. It is important that at least 30 centimeters between your hair and the hair dryer. Also, you should always keep the hair dryer in motion to distribute the heat influence on the entire hair and not just on individual hair lots.

Adé Fisselhaar – What helps with charged hair

As beautiful as the autumn and winter may be, electrified hair is a rather annoying side effect in this season. Especially cap carriers are affected. Friction recharges the hair and leaves it wild on all sides. But even people with fine hair know the problem. Your hair is more prone and dry by the heating air faster. In addition, wear synthetic fabrics or rub your shoes over the carpet, make your hair lighter and stand upright.

Immediate help promises gloss sprays, moisturizers for the hair or special anti-static sprays. With the creams, you should be careful to give only a small amount in the palms and distribute in the hair lengths. Otherwise, a greasy approach threatens. Quick and easy help also promises water. Moisten your hands and hold them a few inches above your hair without touching it. The result: As if by magic, your hair is discharged.

Tip: Replace plastic brushes with natural bristled brushes. Not only do you avoid charging the hair, they are also gentler.

Insider tips for shiny and healthy hair in autumn and winter

  1. Caution with hot water: Cold air disturbs the moisture balance of our hair as well as too hot water. It increases the risk of your hair breaking faster. Therefore, wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  2. First dry, then comb: In autumn and winter, our hair tends to break hair and split ends faster. Therefore, avoid brushing your wet hair after showering, since it puts even more strain on you. It is best to comb your hair after it has dried.
  3. Give your hair a shampoo break: Even shampoos with natural care ingredients can put the moisture balance of your hair at risk. Especially if you wash your hair every day. Take a break and wash your hair every two to three days.
  4. Without split ends through the cold months: In autumn and winter, we pack ourselves thick with scarf, coat and hat. In women who wear their hair open, a scarf or raised collar creates friction on the hair tips and it can easily cause split ends. Bend with beautiful braided hairstyles. So you not only protect your hair, but are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.
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